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Information on warts

Having warts on the fingers is common. The cause of this condition is usually one of more than 60 different types of virus known as the human papilloma virus. The virus cannot be cured, but the human body fights it off in a natural manner over the course of up to 3 years of being infected.

The infection may reoccur at any time. Finger warts do not have anything to do with cancers but the main issue is that they can be really embarrassing or uncomfortable. Warts can be itchy in certain cases and if they get irritated it can even lead to bleeding. Warts can be removed by using many different methods but they usually always come back. The main trick is to find a method that strengthens the immune system because that way a person can rest assured that the warts will not return after the process of removal.

One of the best products designed for the removal of finger warts is called Dermisil. It strengthens the immune system and provides the patient with results after significantly short periods of time. Warts can be characterized by rough surfaces and they are always skin colored. The most common wart locations on the human body include face, fingers, feet and hands but they can grow virtually anywhere.

The appearance may differ, and depending on the type of the virus and the location as well. Warts are contagious and they may affect any person. They can be passed in a direct or indirect manner.

Different Types

Common warts can easily be recognized by a rough surface and they usually have a pretty much well defined border. Their shape can be irregular or round and they can be up to 10 millimeters wide. All warts are firm to the touch and their color may range from yellow, brown or light gray all the way to gray-black. Common warts are not painful in most cases.

Plantar warts only affect the feet soles and they can sometimes be dotted with tiny blood vessels. People sometimes confuse them with corns. Unlike their common counterparts, the plantar warts can indeed be very painful. Genital warts usually appear on the genitals, inside the genitals or on the areas that are close to the genitals.


Warts can be cut off, burned off or frozen. All the different types of treatment are expensive and can also trigger scars and disfigurements. A safer way of curing finger warts is to use the aforementioned Dermisil.

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