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A Thing or Two about MicrowaveRadiation

Microwaves are all around the peopleliving in this modern, high tech world of ours. Our cellphones emitmicrowaves constantly. Apart from them, radios and radars are alsoclosely connected to this radiation. Therefore, since the very firstmoment these devices were introduced to wide use, they have beenconsidered harmful by many different people. Another common subjectof controversy are our extremely popular microwave ovens. Thesedevices use microwaves in order to heat, cook, defrost and preparethe food in many other ways. However, many believe that these harm ourhealth as well, even though producers and many other claimthat they are completely harmless, taken into account that theseovens are working properly and suffer no physical damage.Nevertheless, one can only benefit from knowing more on the subject.Therefore, the following lines will give as much information on themicrowave technology and these ovens as possible.

Microwave Technology

Microwaves are specific due to theirextreme power and capability to pass through many things that many other rays,such as light, seem impossible to breach. Therefore, microwaves cango through smoke, fog, rain, or even our planet's ionosphere. Due tothis quality of microwaves, they were initially used for radars, onlyto be expanded to ovens, satellites and many other things. In fact,it was during a radar testing that the cooking power of microwaveswas discovered, since these melted a chocolate bar which was in ascientist's pocket. The ovens were created after this breakthrough.However, there are many doubts behind whether we should use these toprepare our food or not. Scientists claim that microwaves distort orchange the molecular makeup of the food, making it less healthy.Also, microwave-ready food is considered to be less healthy ingeneral, especially when produced only to be prepared in such a way.Other than these, people fear that they and their children might getburnt by these ovens, since they sometimes heat food, especiallyliquids to a very high temperatures, regardless of the preset heatingmode.

However, microwave ovens have undergonemajor evolution, taking into consideration that they were 6 feet highand 750 pounds heavy initially. Therefore, these devices areconstantly getting better and better, their flaws removed and theirbenefits emphasized further, while, at the same time, being more andmore available to many people due to their low price.

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