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Obesity in Children

Obesity is known to be quite aprominent problem of the modern time and still escalating withmore and more youngsters being pathologically overweight. Thisphenomenon however, is caused by many different factors, all relatedto our unhealthy way of life. There are many contributing factors.Combined together, they give us a recipe for becoming obese. Yet, weaccept this and eat excessively, teaching our children to do so aswell, forming a vicious circle from which it is very hard to escape.

Causes of Obesity in Children

Recently, scientists have startedclaiming how obesity is rooted into children genetically, them beingpredisposed for being overweight. However, this can hardly be truesince no one can gain weight without eating.

Rather, the main reason behind obesityin children is growing up in the modern world. Namely, as soon asthey are born, they are taught to eat unhealthy food, since theirparents have done the same. Moreover, withthe parents being obese, children have a negative role model to lookup to, themselves becoming obese eventually.

With the ever-increasing number of junkfood restaurants and families eating in them regularly, we havereached a point where majority of people are obese. Since parentswork a lot, they have no time for cooking or preparing healthy foodat home. Rather, after having a lunch in a junk food restaurant, theyorder a takeaway for dinner, snacking on some greasy treats or sodasin between.

This, of course, is the main reasonbehind obesity, both in adults and children. Moreover, we are fedwith commercials about food and all the junk food restaurants,reminding us that it is cheaper to eat junk than to eat healthy andthat, by paying less, we can stuff ourselves with supersizedeverything and pile up those pounds in no time, suffering from aheart attack in the quickest timespan possible.

Perhaps now is the time to stop andleave the table. Let us think about our lives. Obesity has become themain killer in the US, taking thousands of people each year. By beingobese, we risk leaving this world and our families sooner thanexpected. Even worse, our obese children will be left behind,following our example and dying prematurely as well. Is it worth it?Of course not. Refuse to be a slave of both the food you eat and theworld you live in, none of these is optimal for your health or yourexistence. Rather, concentrate on eating healthy and living a healthylife, providing the same for your family and those you love, reachingold age in happiness and well-being.

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