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Stomach and intestinalproblems are very frequent in recent years, mainly because of the unhealthyeating habits. People tend to eat improper food for years, lead sedentarylifestyle and rarely do anything physical. Because of all that, it is no wanderthat many suffer from indigestion or different intestinal problems, includingirritable bowel syndrome (also known as IBS).

About Colon Wash

Body maybecome very weak and unable to force the waste from the body out with feces,and all these waste starts to build up in the colon, leading to many healthproblems. Toxicity of accumulated waste is important issue, and getting rid ofthat should be able to relieve at least some medical problems the person has. Colonwash is one of the methods used to get rid of the debris from the colon.

Colon washshould be able to cleanse the colon using warm water infusion and equipmentlike nozzle or Harrison’s tube. Water is inserted through one end of thecolon and forced through the other end, using sterile equipment. Running warmwater should gather the buildup of the colon walls and remove them from thecolon. Good natural bacteria present in the colon and essential nutrients arenot disturbed by colon wash.

Colon Wash Procedure

Don’t try toperform colon wash by yourself, because only qualified practitioner shouldperform the procedure. Harrison’s tube (small plastic tube) is first insertedup to 20 inches in the rectum (or deeper if the person is comfortable) andafter that, the practitioner fills the colon completely with warm filteredwater. Water will pick up all fecal matter from the walls of colon and thenvoluntarily flow out from the rectum. Every treatment consists of three waterinfusions, all performed in different postures.

Colon washcould also be performed with the mix of herbs and water. Aloe vera isfrequently used for this procedure, and as any other herb used for this purposeit is believed to enhance effects of the colon wash.

Treatment ofcolon wash usually takes about one hour of your time, per session. In mostcases, patients need 3 to 6 treatments to resolve milder colon problems, becauseone treatment is not enough. Atonic colon and chronic constipation are problemsthat may require even more than 6 treatment of colon wash.

For mostpatients, colon wash is not painful or uncomfortable experience. Many peopleclaim that the feeling is very liberating and describe the experience as pleasant,relaxing and rejuvenating.

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