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It is a widespread belief that the cure for herpes can be found in the colloidal silver. Herpes belongs to one of the sexually transmitted diseases and it is transferred with the virus Herpes simplex. The number of people in the USA who have been affected by herpes is alarmingly growing and according to the statistics, every fourth person has experienced it. Sadly, there isn’t a cure for herpes; the symptoms may be cured, but the virus remains in a person’s body. Due to the incapability of modern medicine to discover cure for herpes, people turn to alternative medicine and its advantages. Colloidal silver is said to be a cure for herpes and many other diseases.

Why Isn't There a Cure for Herpes?

Herpes is present in our society for many years, but still doctors weren’t able to discover the cure for it. It is mainly because when doctors prescribe antiviral medications, the virus is already in the nerve cells, protected, and the drugs can’t reach it. These drugs can’t follow the virus and fail to find it, but on the other hand, the symptoms ease and eventually disappear. Then we think that it is all over, that we are cured, but the moment our immunity becomes weak, the virus attacks again and symptoms reappear and the whole cycle starts again. But, as the virus is constantly changing and improving, it becomes more and more resistant to antiviral drugs.

Can herpes be cured with colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver has different impact on herpes virus than the antibiotics. In this particular case, colloidal silver has a function of a catalyst with the enzymes that are necessary for breathing of bacteria and viruses. So, when something enables them to breathe, they die. Colloidal silver has proved to be very effective in the inflammation reduction and promotion of the injured tissue healing. The fact that colloidal silver has an effect on microorganism enzymes and nothing else is really fascinating.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for Herpes?

This method of treatment is not yet approved and there are still some confusing things that have to be defined. People who get in the middle of herpes treatment with colloidal silver can develop argyria, which is an irreversible condition that develops if a person has been exposed to various and impure forms of silver. The symptom of this condition is bluish tinting of the skin, and there isn’t a cure for it. The only thing that can be done is to localize argyria. But, if you are using pure silver, you shouldn`t worry about argyria developing. With the help of colloidal silver, a person who has herpes can decrease the breakouts and maintain the immunity strength.

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