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Colloidal silver side effects

Colloidal silver is a sort of a liquid gelatin with suspended solutions of really small silver metal particles in a colloidal base. Until the year of 1938. colloidal silver was used as a remedy for bacterial infections. However, colloidal silver was claimed by its makers to be a remedy for asthma, herpes, pneumonia and even AIDS but it was not with the recommendation of the FDA. Even though colloidal silver has a slight antibacterial effect, doctors recommend other antibiotics because they do not cause such severe side effects like colloidal silver.

Silver was used for medicinal purposes in the past. Nowadays, very few medications contain silver. Silver nitrate is one of them and is used for conjunctivitis prevention in babies and as a remedy for corns and warts. However, these days drugs that are not that toxic have replaced the use of silver.

Even though colloidal silver is mainly a liquid gelatin it is sometimes combined with other ingredients like protein for instance. When protein is added then this is considered to be a supplement and is taken orally most of the time. However, there are forms which can be sprayed, applied to the skin and even injected into the vein.


With the introduction of new and safer antibiotics, colloidal silver is no longer in use. This happened in the year of 1938. However, in 1994. it was classified and from the year 1999. it is no longer considered to be safe or effective by the FDA.


Even though the manufacturers of colloidal silver said that it can be used in treating various viral and bacterial diseases and tuberculosis, syphilis, herpes, shingles and AIDS the FDA banned the marketing of colloidal silver as a medical treatment. This is because the FDA did not find any proof that colloidal silver actually could cure all of these diseases.


Side effects of colloidal silver can damage a person's health and even the appearance. Until it was banned in the 1970s the doctors prescribed this product. Because of this, people who used it a lot developed a condition that goes under the name of argyria. Argyria is can not be treated and is permanent.

Side effects

Apart from the skin discoloration known as argyria, the usage of colloidal silver can interfere with the usage of some other medications. Penicillamine, quinolones, tetracyclines and thyroxine are only some of them.


Even though colloidal silver does have some small antibiotic effect it is much safer to use modern medications.

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