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A Common Bad Sign

We all have a certain coating on ourtongues. However, this coating is for the protective and healthypurposes and mainly consists of saliva. Nevertheless, in some cases adifferent coating may get formed on the surface of one's tongueclearly indicating some kind of a medical problem. These problems canbe of various type, some more serious than the others. Either way,they usually take place due to negligence and poor oral hygiene.Whatever the cause of your strange tongue coating might be, youshould not leave it to chance and should seek proper medicalattention as soon as possible. To learn about different causes andmanifestations of this problem, read on.

Reasons behind Tongue Coating

As it was mentioned above, manydifferent things can cause this phenomenon affecting our tongue. Ifpoor oral hygiene is the case, there might be some harmful bacteriainfecting the surface of your tongue, causing the discolorations,awkward taste and smell as well as many other problems. Also, ourtongue may get a coating once we are suffering from a certain medicalcondition like jaundice, flu, hepatitis etc. In all of these cases,tongue coating is an alarming sign, indicating health problems that need to be solved.

Additionally, certain heart andcardiovascular problems may lead to tongue coating. Dehydration addson to the list of possible culprits too. Certain deficiencies in ourorganism can cause tongue deformations like fissures and similarappearances, along with different layers appearing on the surface ofthis muscle of ours. Furthermore, this condition may be a reflectionof our bad, unhealthy habits, such as alcohol and nicotineindulgence, usually causing yellow colored coating on our tongue.

As far as manifestation is considered,logically, every case of tongue coating expresses itself differently.Therefore, proper diagnosis and examination is necessary, where thedoctor should take all the symptoms into consideration. The color,shape of the spots, density of the coating, as well as otherdistinctive features, are all crucial for a correct diagnosis. Different examinations, testsand sample analysis are performed in order to properly diagnose thecause of your tongue coating problem.

Possible Treatment

Usually, your oral hygiene must beimproved and you are prescribed special substances for oraldisinfection which you are advised to use regularly. Sometimes,however, these fail in removing one's unpleasant mouth odor, as wellas the coating causing it. Then, further measures need to be put intoaction. You may have to restrain from smoking, drinking or some otheraspects of your lifestyle, if some of these factors is responsiblefor your problems. Finally, you may be given special, antibioticmedications, capable of destroying the harmful bacteria forming thecoating on your tongue. Drinking sufficient amounts of water iscrucial for proper recovery.

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