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People experiencing a change in the color of their tongue often are very concerned about this strange symptom. In most cases, the tongue loses normal pinkish color and become yellow. Usually, this condition is not painful for the patient, but it might be associated with certain diseases or disorders.

Other color changes of the tongue may be problematic as well. Don’t worry if the food you have eaten changed the color of your tongue, since this is quite normal.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Sometimes, people with poor dental hygiene may also experience this type of problem. Deposit of saliva on the tongue may also be caused for the same reason. Regular brushing of your teeth and tongue scrapping should be sufficient to resolve these issues. Doctors and dentists recommend brushing your teeth three or four times every day and scrapping of your tongue in the morning. Regular brushing will also prevent bacterial and herpes infections of your mouth.

There are also some other reasons that could affect your tongue and provoke yellow coating, like lack of some vitamins, jaundice or hepatitis and also your sexual activity (especially oral sex).

Medical Conditions

Jaundice, cold, coughing, fever, some oral infections, thyroid or liver problems, constipation and excessive use of antibiotics may also be the causes of the yellow coating over your tongue.

Common cold and its following signs and symptoms, such as fever, high temperature and coughing may provoke yellow tongue coating. Dry tongue, with the cracks in the middle undoubtedly points to high temperature as the cause of this unpleasant problem. People suffering from common cold often breathe through the mouth, because of the runny or stuffed nose, which then provoke tongue coating. Even antibiotics used to control some bacterial infections may lead to the same problem.

Oral infections got from the oral sex may also cause similar tongue problems.

Jaundice normally causes yellowing of the skin and eyes, but symptoms might include even the yellowing and coating of the tongue. Some suggest using mint, fresh fruits, carrot juice, spinach and cane sugar juice in order to eliminate yellow tongue coating.

Dietary and Other Habits

Smoking, dehydration and poor diet may also be responsible for the yellow color of your tongue. People on the poor diet or consuming unhealthy food can often lack vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies, especially biotin and riboflavin, are proven to cause yellow tongue.

Insufficient amount of water might also lead to yellow coating of the tongue. Remember that about 8 glasses of water per day is the recommended amount for adults.

Smokers frequently report yellow tongue to their doctors, but the only way to get rid of this unpleasant site is to stop using cigarettes.

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