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The substance inquestion belongs to the category of natural carotenoids, which are either orange,yellow, purple or red colored pigments present in just about all livingentities. When it comes to lutein itself, it is used in the form of asupplement, and most frequently for the prevention and treatment of eye relatedanomalies and illnesses (e.g. age-influenced macular degeneration etc.). Another important fact that needs to bementioned is that lutein is located in the retina and macula of the eye and is consideredto possess strong antioxidant properties, as well as functioning as a sort of ablue light filter. This in turns provides the protection of eye tissues againstharmful effects of the sun. Other places where it can be also located are theperson’s blood stream and also in deposits of fat.

Efficiency and benefits

Those who can benefitfrom this supplement the most are certainly people who do not providetheir body with the proper amounts of lutein by means of their diet. It is alsoregarded to be fairly effective in stopping the progress of macular degeneration,and to some extent in curing it, as well as in prevention of more serious casesof cataract. In case it is employed for the improvement of the overall healthof the person’s eyes, the proper dosage should not surpass 6 to 10 mg on a regulardaily basis. When it comes to treating other conditions by way of luteinsupplement, one of the best ways to determine the most proper dosage is simplyby adhering to the one proposed above. Also, it is known that quite a number ofmultivitamins do consist of lutein in certain amounts (0.25 mg), but theseamounts are most often considered to be too small for lutein to provide anyserious beneficial effect. Given the fact that, overall, no strict rulesregarding the most suitable dosage exist, one should first of all consult thepharmacist or some other expert about the most efficient lutein product manufacturers.

Overall facts and recommendations

This substance canmost readily be found in the form of either tablets or capsules, and is in mostcases taken orally, once in the course of the day. Due to the fact that a lotof supplements, such as lutein ones, do have in them numerous other activeingredients, that should be taken into consideration upon deciding on the mostproper dosage. Additionally, certain supplement producers are regarded asbetter and more reliable than others, so this is yet another thing to payattention to when choosing the right lutein supplement variety.

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