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Numerous factors can lead to genital itching. Namely, irritation, inflammation, infections, allergies or cancer, all can trigger this annoying and frightening sensation. Even though there are many causes which can be behind genital itching, some are considered to be more common that the others and are therefore taken into consideration first.

Causes of Genital Itching

Irritation is commonly triggered by an exposure to certain chemicals such as those in soaps, personal hygiene products, perfumes, shower gels and body creams. These very chemicals may also trigger allergic reactions in some people, manifesting through symptoms like rashes and itchiness. In this case, cessation of exposure of your genitals to the allergen will result in cessation of the symptoms as well.

Furthermore, sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes or trichomoniasis may cause genital itching and lead to numerous other health issues. The problem is induced by other various viruses, bacteria or fungi. Even parasites like pubic lice can lead to excessive genital itching, being sexually transmittable as well. Scabies is bound to cause severe genital itching due to small mites which take their toll over any possible part of the human body.

When it comes to fungal infections, jock itch or ringworm of the groin may be blamed for genital itching. Namely, this is a fungal infection called tinea cruris, commonly appearing along with a condition called athlete's foot or other ringworm infection.

Finally, the groin and the general genital area may be affected by some other kinds of infections and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and lichen simplex chronicus. All these may lead to extreme itchiness in the genital area, possibly spreading on some other parts of the body, leading to various complications if left untreated.

All in all, if a genital itch troubles you constantly for more than a couple of days, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Genital Itching

People suffering from some of the conditions mentioned above may experience bleeding after intercourse, extreme sensitivity and proneness to genital infections, pain during sex, pain in the genitals (increasing with urination), the presence of thick, white patches, swelling, soreness, blisters or redness going hand-in-hand with the genital itching they are experiencing. Additionally, genital discharge and small insects or eggs being visible in the pubic hair, all can be present along with genital itching. Basically, any pain or abnormality affecting the itchy genital area is even more serious cause for alarm.

Before your doctor treats your problem adequately, he/she will need to obtain certain information about your condition from you and may ask you questions regarding the products you use, your sex life, disease history etc.

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