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Our skin as the largest organ of our body can be affected by many microbes, including the fungi. The fungal skin infections are induced by Dermatophyte, which is the opportunistic type of fungus. The usual fungal skin infection is candidiasis, but there are also ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch. Nail ringworm and scalp ringworm, as well as the beard ringworm, are also some of the common fungal skin infections.

Causes of fungal skin infections

The fungal skin infections may appear due to prolonged use of antibiotics, since these medicines destroy the friendly bacteria that assist the immune system in controlling the amount of fungi in our organism. Furthermore, the corticosteroids may make our immune system weak and thus create the good environment for overproduction of fungi. Diabetes, leukemia, AIDS and chemotherapy are also likely to lead to the occurrence of the fungal skin infections.

Symptoms of fungal skin infections

The fungal skin infections may show several warning signs, but they depend on the responsible cause. However, the common symptom of these infections is skin rash.

The ringworm infection is manifested through red or pink itchy patches on the skin, which are in the shape of a ring. Jock itch typically occurs in the groin region, in the form of small and painful blisters, which are very itchy. In the people who suffer from athlete’s foot, the rash appears between the toes and because of the place, the irritation is likely to occur and become prone to the development of the bacterial infection. Scalp ringworm usually appears in children. Furthermore, nail ringworm causes the nails on the toes to become discolored and thickened. Sometimes, the part of the nail that is affected may fall apart. Candidiasis appears in the damp and warm areas on the body, and it causes red and flat rash with sharp edges.

Treatment of fungal skin infections

First of all, it is important to know what the causative factor of the infection is and then it is important to eliminate it. The consumption of antibiotics and corticosteroids should be stopped when one starts treating the fungal skin infection. The people with diabetes should pay more attention to this condition and the weakened immune system should be made stronger.

There are many antifungal creams and medications easily available and not expensive, but many experts recommend the holistic treatment when the fungal skin infections are in question. Only the holistic approach may completely eliminate the responsible cause and prevent the infection from recurring.

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