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Ringworm is a medical condition which is always very hard toget rid of, and to make things worse, the symptoms which are always associatedwith it include painful sensations and itchiness. It is actually a certain typeof fungal infection and it is sometimes referred to by the name of Tinea. It isvery similar to Athlete’s foot in some of its aspects. The most common symptomsof ringworm include a circular skin rash, scaling of the skin, itchiness and inflammatoryconditions on the area which surround the rash. Mild instances of ringworm arenot that much of a problem, but if the condition progresses to a more seriousform one needs to visit a physician in order to get an oral or topicalprescribed medication which should take care of the problem. There are alsocertain other methods which can be used for most cases of ringworm.

Prevention & Treatment for Ringworm

The best way of preventing ringworm is to avoid sharingunderwear, socks, towels and other similar personal types of items. Avoidingall public showers and similar areas may also be a good idea, since such placesare perfect when it comes to transferring ringworm and similar types of fungalinfections. One also needs to keep the skin clean, cool and most of all dry atall times in order to avoid ringworm or any other sort of fungal infection.Heavy clothing that does not allow the skin to breathe properly also needs tobe avoided. One should not wear flip flops and it is also a good idea to steerclear of all humid and warm places because all the harmful bacteria tend toprefer such places. Washing the hands as frequently as possible is also highlyrecommended. Lamisil is an antifungal type of cream which can be of great helpwhen it comes to prevention and treatment of ringworm and numerous other typesof fungal infections. Another excellent antifungal remedy is a topical lotionknown by the name of Monistat-Derm. It used to be used mostly by women but thatis not the case anymore. It can be of great help in clearing fungal infectionsvery quickly. Most over the counter medicaments can also be of some help, atleast to a certain extent. Some people suggest using bleach on a ringworm bacterialinfection in order to get rid of it as fast as possible.

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