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Vaginal itching is a common symptom of many infections. This is a feeling of uneasiness caused by irritation of the vagina and the surrounding tissues. The itching sensation can be simply unbearable and intolerable. Only when the actual cause of itching is identified patients can be treated.

What are Causes of Vaginal Itching?

In many cases vaginal itching develops as a consequence of chemical irritants such as detergents or fabric softeners, feminine sprays, ointments and other cosmetic products applied on the vaginal area. These substances cause irritation and consequent itching sensations.

Vaginal itching generally affects more women in menopause than those in reproductive period of life. This can be easily explained. Namely, in menopause a significant drop in the amount of certain female hormones makes the vagina dry and it becomes more susceptible to irritation.

Any kind of vaginal infection (bacterial or fungal) is accompanied by vaginal itching. In case of infection apart from itching sensations there is usually vaginal discharge. Vaginal yeast infection discharge develops due to uncontrollable intake of antibiotics and may be associated with birth control pills, pregnancy, diabetes and weakened immune system.

And apart from the previously mentioned several less common causes of vaginal itching include certain skin conditions and pinworms.

How to Prevent Vaginal Itching?

A woman may successfully prevent vaginal itching in case she avoids colored or perfumed toilet tissue and bubble bath, if she abstains from feminine hygiene sprays and douches, if she cleanse the genital area from the front to the back and maintains proper hygiene of genital as well as anal area, maintains adequate level of sugar in blood (diabetics) and wears cotton panties and stays away from synthetic material.

How to Deal with Vaginal Itching?

Women suffering from vaginal infections are treated with proper drugs that are administered in a form of vaginalettes. These medications contain active substance against bacteria or fungi. In some cases (of sexually transmitted diseases and other illnesses that are associated with vaginal itching) patients may be treated with systemic medications. Vaginal itching associated with menopause may be alleviated with estrogen creams or tablets that are inserted into the vagina.

In case a woman has ulcers or blister on the vulva and the opening of the vagina she is due to consult her gynecologist as soon as possible. Furthermore, problems with urination such as burning while urinating and similar symptoms must be reported as well. Unusual bleeding and discharge also require to be reported. And finally, if symptom persists even though there are no additional signs a woman is supposed to consult her health care provider.

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