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Fungal infection

Fungal infections can often be annoying and persistent. Fungal infections are, as the matter of fact, quite common and they look for moist environments with little or none air flow. The best known human fungal infections are athlete's foot, jock itch, yeast infections and thrush. The main symptom for almost all fungal infections is itch and the changes on the skin. Another common and well-known fungal infection is the ringworm.

It appears as the red and scaly area and it tends to heal outwardly, from the center of the ring. It can affect all parts of human body, although, the most common affected place is the region of the groin. It can cause a vaginal yeast infection if allowed to get close to the vagina. Its main characteristics are itching and irritation in the affected part of human body. This unpleasant situation is caused by candida infection.


Fungal infections are caused by disturbing the normal acid balance on human skin, intestines or any other part of human body. Fungal infections may be the consequence of antibiotic treatment, cortisone treatment, cosmetic products or hormonal changes. Every action that may cause changes in skin acidity may lead to fungal infection development, even, for example, too frequent baths, synthetic clothing, or every immune system drop.

Herbs and supplements

If the problem is located in the intestines, the possible solution may be Lactobacillus acidophilus supplement, which returns the population of friendly intestinal bacteria and restores their number. The existence of these establishes the balance between fungus and bacteria that eat the fungus. Garlic and citrus seeds are excellent fighters against internal fungus, while citrus seeds extract is good for external use. It is important to add vitamins A, C and E to your diet in case of fungus infection.

Myrrh, castor been oil and the black walnut are the natural fungicides. Aloe vera gel and cotton cloth soaked in liquid whey and put on the affected part of your body will help, as well as millet and silica.


Garlic and citrus seed extract, each 3 capsules for 3 times a day

Vitamins: A (25000ui), B (3x50mg), C (1000mg), E (400ui)Zinc, 50mgLactobacillus acidophilus complex, three times per one day.Other useful herbs include: Acerola, Burdock, Cat's Claw, Echinacea, Fenugreek, Figwort, Pokeroot, Sangre de Drago, Thyme, Turmeric, Yellow Dock


Athlete's foot:Wash 2 times per day and dry it well with clean towelApply anti-fungal powder on affected area and powder your shoes with itFrequently wash your sports shoesWear clean, cotton socks exclusively and take it off while you're at home in order to provide your feet with fresh airJock itchUse anti-fungal powder, spray or cream until the infection goes awayAvoid wearing tight pants or underwearChange your underwear frequently and wash it with hot waterDry your groin after taking a showerYeast infectionsUse condomsUse clean cotton underwearUse the prescribed medication

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