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Basic information

This specific variety of algae is sphericalin shape and is known to be comprised of chlorophyll. In addition, it is a richsource of various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Given the fact that it isextremely nutritious, this alga can be regarded as a natural source of food.But, due to the fact that it is of those varieties that are comprised of onecell only, its harvesting is more than tricky. Another important property ofchlorella is the fact that it contains a nucleotide-peptide complex, known asthe Chlorella growth factor. The constituentin question is extracted from this alga by way of hot water extraction process,being to the greatest extent made of nucleic acid derivatives. When it comes toits beneficial natural powers, numerous research studies have revealed thatthis growth factor has the ability to facilitate and boost the growth of humancells, as well as improving the functions of DNA and RNA.

Advantages to pay attention to

When it comes to the plus sides ofthis alga, first to be mentioned is the power of chlorophyll – aids in casea person is experiencing constipation related problems. The main reason forthis is that, in comparison to all other plants, Chlorella contains thegreatest amount of it in just a single gram. Also, it has been discovered thatchlorella is beneficial when there arises the need to cleanse one’s liver andblood, as well as for improving bowel movements. Since chlorophyll is its most importantconstituent, the more a person consumes this algae the healthier s/he will get. We should not forget Chlorella’s detoxifying properties due to which it isable to facilitate and initiate the process of production of lactobacillus –bacteria known to be helpful in the process of colon cleansing. Returning toconstipation, this alga can exhibit four different effects, i.e. itreestablishes the normal movements of the bowel, aid in the reparation processof the bowel tissue that has been damaged, detoxifies and normalizes bowelscent. On top of it all, it is extremely important for the improvement of the metabolismfunctioning, and also in remedying the existing wounds. Aside from the alreadymentioned ones, other important health benefits of Chlorella include aiding inthe growth process of the white blood cells, in reduction of the quantity ofcholesterol, in liver and kidney protection, in remedying and curing skinrelated illnesses and in cleansing the body in its entirety and reducing thehigh blood pressure.

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