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Health benefits of algae

Stem cells are the reason that algae are in the spotlight in the recent period. Yes, they are a known as a delicacy in Asia, and yes they are popular in the Western diets because of their health benefits, but it is their positive effect on stem cells that brings them to people's attention once again. According to some researches, certain types of algae contain compounds that may facilitate increased release of bone marrow stem cells. Also, when the need for it occurs, algae can increase the placement of stem cells into tissues. Stem cells have an amazing ability to transform themselves into different cell types, for instance, into brain cells. It is with age that we lose the quality and the amount of stem cells. It is because of their ability to divide endlessly that they help our body in sort of a repair system. The most important role of stem cells is that when they divide they can become a cell with some specialized function. Different forms of algae can be bought on the market even in the concentrated form, but no evidence tells us that they may be more beneficial in than the whole algae. Algae bring chlorophyll into the system and it defends the body from the free radical damage and even lots of types of cancer. Some species of blue- green algae are helpful when it comes to inflammation; they introduce the healthy cholesterol levels and boost the immune functions.

Some algae examples Vitamins, minerals, protein, nucleic acids and lipids can all be gained from single green algae, called Chlorella. It contains a certain chemical component named Chlorella Growth Factor which seems to heighten functions responsible for the tissue repair stimulation. Another type of algae, Spirulina, is full of protein, vitamins B and minerals. If overall health and well being are something that a person lacks, it is this algae that is recommended. Also, in an animal study, bone marrow cell counts have shown that they were affected in a positive way by phytocyanin, a certain component that Spirulina contains. Super Algae formula includes a type of blue-green algae called Aphanizomenon flos aquae, or shortly called AFA. This algae is known for its ability to boost the immune functions. It does that by stimulating the activity of important immune cells in the system. Researches that have been done recently propose that AFA may increase the number of bone marrow stem cells circulating in the blood.

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