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HGH- background

Whenit comes to benefits of HGH (med. Human Being Growth Hormone/Testosterone), there are both evidence of its positive and negative effects, and the results aswell. In case your personal doctor advised you to take HGH in order to curecertain condition you suffer from, it ismore than advisable to do some investigating on your own as well. You can neverbe precautious enough and as the old saying goes “It is better to be safethan sorry.”

HumanBeing Growth Hormone, or as it is also familiar as Human Being GrowthTestosterone, has proven to be quite an effective means for remedying andcuring numerous serious children health threatening conditions and diseases.When some of these conditions and diseases need to be treated, thishormone is inserted into child’s body is by means of injection, since there exists such a form of it. But this should and is conducted onlyunder the most rigorous supervision of a doctor responsible for the overalltreatment.

HGH– uses, benefits and effect

Theabove-mentioned “remedy” is most often used in treating two distinct disorders,genetic in nature and common to young children, which means in girls who lack achromosome that causes the occurrence of the Turner Syndrome (hinderedphysical development – tiny in stature and experiencing various developmentalissues), and in boys who suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome (characterizedby obesity and poor muscle mass and shortage of endocrine production). As faras the latter are concerned, the effectiveness and benefits are mirrored in itspotential to enable loss of excessive weight, enhance the muscle mass andbalance the blood sugar fluctuation. The effectiveness and benefits in childrensuffering from the former syndrome are mirrored in its ability to increaseheight of those children, which is considered to be one of its, if not thetopmost, beneficial effect. Inorder for its effectiveness and potentials to be fully used, the HGH is mostoften combined with endocrine therapies (e.g. estrogen based).

Giventhe fact that there exists a number of athletes who tend to “overdo” withHGH usage, results on its effectiveness and benefits vary and are yet to be fullyconfirmed. When employed in moderate amounts, it has shown to have the abilityto enhance the mass of lean muscles and their development, and also to increase thecapacity of the fat burning mechanisms and boost overall stamina.

Whenit comes to aging, the greatest majority of members of the older populationhave employed it as one way of slowing down the aging process and improvingtheir overall health and well being. In those over thirty years of age it hasshown to be quite helpful in enhancing the capacity for burning of theexcessive and “bad” fat.

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