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There are herbs for dysfunction of erection in men, which are natural medication on the market today. There are actually quite a few numbers of herbs that can aid erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction of difficulty of having erection also includes insufficient erection for having sex and it is a pretty common problem in such a stress time. But really, can natural medication improve sexual performance for men? A traditional medicine of many countries (Chinese, African traditional medicine etc) provides herbs to improve erectile dysfunctions in men. And if you would like to try any, it is important to find out is it ok for you to use it. By now, many of traditional Chinese or African sexual dysfunction medications are actually assessed by scientists.

An Erection Herbs

Here is the list of herbs that may improve erection.

Yohimbe is produced from African yohimbe tree. It may aid dysfunction of erection, and it is very helpful if there is a psychological problem involved. The medication is prescribed by doctor because it has side effects like a quick heartbeat, blood pressure increase, triggers kidney disease and may have a bad effect on the mood. And there are other side effects like headache, flushing, nausea, or dizziness. Ginseng is to be taken in a form of tea. It is a traditional Chinese medicine also used for other health conditions. And it may help treating dysfunction of erection, according to some studies. There are almost no side effects but occasional mania in the combination with antidepressants; a monoamine oxidize inhibitor (MAOI). Ginkgo works on a blood flow improving the way to the penis. There are medical researches who can not clearly confirm the effect of this herb. The herb causes thinning of blood and it may cause bleeding. So no surgery or blood-thinning medication (like Aspirin or warfarin) is recommended. Epimedium (horny goat weed) is also Chinese traditional medicine. It increases a testosterone low levels and improves thyroid hormone. Level of safety or side effects of epimedium are not known, but it may cause breathing trouble if it is taken in large doses. L-arginine is amino acid that may treat dysfunction of erection, by improving the effect of nitric oxide (similar effect of Viagra). The herb lowers blood pressure, it may cause diarrhea, nausea or abdominal cramps if it is taken in a very large doses. Zinc: a zinc deficiency may cause low erective activity but it is not known if men with sufficient level of zinc may use the product for erection. And overdoing with zinc may harm immune system and lead men to other health problems. DHEA aids body with sex hormones and can aid men with dysfunction of erection, and low testosterone problems. Side effects of DHEA are acne and decreasing of high-density of lipoprotein, which is cholesterol. Folic acid and vitamin E is to be taken with Viagra and may improve men erection. There are no side effects, only if it is taken in large amounts.

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