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Smart liporecovery liposuction (also known as laser liposuction) is the most praisedcosmetic surgery these days. Although the conventional liposuction method hasbeen traumatic for many patients, there are no more reserves when it comes tothis new method of fat removal.

Conventionalliposuction was highly invasive surgical procedure, leaving stitching and scarson the body. Patients were expected to wear compression bandages for at least amonth and a half, and after the removal of those bandages there could be skin unevennessand lumps.

There weremany reasons why people avoided conventional liposuction, including the trauma tothe surrounding tissue, pain and the recovery time. Cannulas used in these oldliposuction methods were around 4 to 6mm in diameter, and patients had stitcheson cannula incision spots.

Is Smart Lipo Better than Conventional Liposuction?

The new typeof fat liposuction uses laser technology and melts the fat. Small cannula withthe lased is inserted underneath the epidermis and the surgeon can liquefy thefat. At the same time, there is a cannula which drains the melted fat.

Fat cellsare removed from the body without hurting the neighboring tissue, whichsignificantly reduces the pain and healing process.

Laser liposuctionis not done under a general anesthesia. Because of that, there are much fewerrisks of the operation than in conventional liposuction, always performed oncompletely unconsciousness patients.

Laser notonly successfully melt the fat tissue, but also instantly coagulate the bloodvessels in the fat tissue, causing much less damage and much less pain for thepatient. The laser liposuction therefore has fewer ricks of complications, suchas bleeding, bruising, swelling or inflammation of the tissue.

The precisionof the laser liposuction is much better than the conventional liposuction, andthe treated skin looks much more even after this treatment.

Another goodreason to choose laser liposuction over the conventional treatment is theeffect on the deeper layers of the skin. Frequency of the laser is set toaffect the deep skin tissue and lead to increased production of collagen. Thiseffect can be seen for several months (usually 3 months) and the skin will be muchsmoother and youthful than before. Smart Lipo is therefore used not only forliposuction but also in body sculpting treatments.

Healing After the Smart Lipo

Recovery timeis much shorter in Smart Lipo treatments than in conventional liposuction. Thereis an estimation that the healing process after some laser liposuction will lastonly a fraction of the recovery time for old liposuction methods. Conventional liposuctiontook about 6 weeks for complete recovery and sometimes even additionalsurgeries, to get rid of the excess skin.

After the laserliposuction treatment, patients are advised to stay for 2 to 3 hours in the surgeon’soffice and to relax for the rest of the day. Most patients feel good just fewdays after the treatment, and doctors always recommend taking several days torecover, before going back to work.

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