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Chickweed for weight loss

Chickweed is being used in more than one diet plan for weight loss. This is mainly because it is a diuretic and a laxative. Apart from being a weight loss product, people are known to use it as an additive to the salad and drink it as tea. This particular herb is a member of the Stellaria genus which has more than a hundred species. The usual growth of this herb is around six inches. Among all the species of chickweed it is Stellaria media which is used for weight loss. The other name for this plant is starweed because of the white flowers which are in a shape of a star. Chickweed can be found anywhere where there is enough sunlight, even in a person's backyard.

Chickweed benefits

The usage of this herb in medicine goes back to the 16th century. This plant can be found all over the world since it is highly adaptable to any climatic condition and of all the herbs used in medicine, chickweed is probably the one which is spread out the most.

One of the benefits of chickweed is that its extract can be used for the curing of such skin disorders like irritation. Chickweed is an excellent choice for constipation as well. Apart from these benefits, this herb has been used in the treating of eye inflammation and irritation. A person who has a low metabolism problem is advised to use this plant. Doctors often prescribe this herb when a person complains of joint pain and stiffness. A person who is suffering from cough, hoarseness and respiratory problems can use an extract from this plant to treat it.

Chickweed for weight loss

This herb is used in the diet plans for people who are obese or just want to lose some weight. The good thing about chickweed is that it is not hard to get since it is available almost everywhere. However, a person should make sure that he or she is using the right species of chickweed since there are hundreds of them.

This herb is know to be rich in vitamin C, phosphorus and gamma-linolenic acid or GLA, saponins and some other glycosides. It is because of these active ingredients that chickweed is a good diuretic. When they enter the human system, these active ingredients will help in the emulsification of fat cells. That will result in the loss of fat.

There are several forms of chickweed available but people prefer the dried powdered form. Tea is also very popular. The tea can be consumed up to three times per day. An important thing to remember is to take plenty of water.

Nowadays, chickweed is mostly used as a cream for rashes and irritations.

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