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When a woman has only one fallopian tube and is trying to conceive, it is normal to be worried and have several questions. Many women only have one functioning fallopian tube and it does not seem to present difficulty when trying to conceive and get pregnant. Though statistically speaking one fallopian tube decreases the chances of conceiving by 50%, it does not mean every woman will have a problem. If the woman s other fallopian tube is healthy and functioning normally, then a woman should be able to get pregnant fairly easily. When a woman charts her basal body temperature, keeps track of her ovulatory cycle and times sexual intercourse to coincide with ovulation, it should enable her to become pregnant just like a woman with two fallopian tubes. The chances of getting pregnant with one fallopian tube should be no different than any other woman has when wanting to conceive a baby if things are functioning normally. The position of the ovaries and tubes plays an important role in conception and the egg is normally released into the tube closest to the ovary. If the one tube is located on the opposite side, it could present a problem, but most often it is something that can be addressed using medical reproductive assistance such as IVF or IUI.

A woman's overall health plays a very important role in fertility and with one fallopian tube; though it can be a problem it does not have to mean giving up hope. If monthly menstrual cycles are normal, there are no ovulation issues and then conceiving a baby should not be a problem. If a woman has other problems with monthly cycles, even the fact of having one fallopian tube will play little part in fertility issues. The chances of getting pregnant with one fallopian tube is a topic a woman may need to discuss with her medical professional to better understand. A woman should consult with her doctor and be checked out in order to determine the best way to handle having one fallopian tube. Medical science has made so many advances, that even having one fallopian tube will not matter and a woman can go on to conceive and have a baby at some point in the future.

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