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For a couple trying to conceive and not having it happen naturally, it could be related to a wide variety of different things. There are issues which can be related to the woman or male, though there are also problems couples together will experience as well. Most cases of infertility can sometimes be resolved through dietary and lifestyle modifications, but for those that are not, assisted reproduction is always an option to consider. Perhaps a woman has put off getting pregnant because of wanting to further her education or career. Maybe a couple gets married later in life and wants to welcome a baby into their late 30's or early 40's, and is ready to try to conceive.

For various different reasons couples are putting off having children today, sometimes way past the ideal age to conceive, which can result in fertility issues. For a woman that has regularly used contraceptives, she may wonder what her chances of getting pregnant on birth control would be. The answers are never clear and precise, because some will get pregnant with no problems and for others depending on the type of birth control used, it could take a little longer. Generally it is advised to wait for 3-6 months after discontinuing birth control before trying to become pregnant, but for some couples it happens completely by surprise. The actual chances of getting pregnant on birth control are relatively low if the contraceptive is being used correctly.

Different birth control methods have different success and failure rates and the statistics will vary according to several factors. When taking everything into consideration and even allowing a certain margin for human error and device failure, the chances are still unlikely that a woman will conceive and become pregnant while using birth control. If you are currently thinking about trying to conceive, it might be a good time to get a complete physical examination by a medical professional and follow any advice provided. While it is generally not difficult to conceive while on birth control, if a woman has an implanted device like Mirena, she should have it removed before attempting to become pregnant. Soon after discontinuing birth control, a woman's monthly cycles and ovulatory patterns should stabilize and become normal, allowing her to easily get pregnant.

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