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Whether you are actively trying for a baby, or you are just having intercourse when you feel like it and seeing what will happen, I'm sure you have been curious about the chances of getting pregnant just after your period had ended. Everyone who has thought about having a baby knows that you have the best chances of getting pregnant around your ovulation but that is not the only time you can conceive, is it?

The chances you will get pregnant during your period, or just after your menstruation ends, are extremely low. Having said that, it is not impossible. I know a few women who did succeed in conceiving just after Aunt Flo had left the building. Whether conception can occur or not after menstruation has passed depends on a woman's cycle. Ovulation does not happen right in the middle of the menstrual cycle for every woman. Especially those who have exceptionally short cycles have a realistic possibility of getting pregnant right after their period has ended. That is not because their partner's sperm has some super hero-like ability to survive in the uterus and the fallopian tubes for weeks on end. It is because those women might experience ovulation very soon after their period.

For women who think their periods last for a long time, there is another alternative. It is possible that they continue bleeding after their menstruation has actually ended, and that their ovulation will actually begin in the middle of their cycle, but just after bleeding has finished. The most reliable as well as the easiest way to figure out what is going on with your cycles is to do ovulation tests for a few cycles. If ovulation tests reveal that you ovulate soon after your period has ended, you have every chance of conceiving at that time. if you ovulate weeks after your period ended, those chances are reduced so significantly that there is virtually no chance.

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