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Introduction to oral thrush

Oral thrush is a condition in which a fungus infects the mouth and some of the basic symptoms include he white lesions on the inside of the mouth. These lesions could bleed if irritated.

If they are left untreated, the lesions have been known to spread to the gums, tonsils and even into the throat.

A person who has oral thrush may also experience cracking at the corners of the mouth and a loss of the ability to taste foods.

If it is not treated right away, the condition can be very problematic and painful.


One of the biggest causes of oral thrush is eating too many sweets. When a person eats a lot of sugar, the fungus will thrive, because it needs sugar and moisture for survival.

Many diabetics with high blood glucose levels have been known to have oral thrush problems and many other fungal disorders.

People who wear dentures are also more prone to having oral thrush. If a person has dentures, it is very important to practice good hygiene and clean them regularly in order to avoid bacterial and fungal infections.

People who have ill-fitting dentures are more prone to having infections, irritation and inflammation of the gums and mouth.

People who have other underlying medical problems are also at a greater risk of oral thrush because the immune system will be weakened and will cause problems for people.

People with diabetes, HIV or AIDS often complain of oral thrush, because the fungus has an easier time infecting the mouth because the immune system is not working as it should.

Sometimes, people who abuse antibiotics can get oral thrush. Long-term antibiotic use can kill off useful bacteria that protect the body and allow the fungus to spread more easily. Treatments

There are treatments that a doctor will prescribe to cure oral thrush, most of which are antifungal treatments and therapies, but there are also effective home remedies and herbal treatments that can help.

A good way to get rid of oral thrush is to gargle with grapefruit extract, tree tea oil or even apple cider vinegar.

Eating garlic, onions, coconut milk, buttermilk or yogurt can also help to speed up the treatment.

It is not a very serious condition in the wide spectrum of things, but it can be very bothersome, especially if it is not treated immediately.

The soon the condition is remedies the easier it will be to prevent the condition from reoccurring or getting serious, because, if left to dwell in the mouth, the infection can be incredibly painful.

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