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Pregnancy Heartburn

This is somewhat common problem among women in pregnancy. It is known to be a side effect of pregnancy that attacks almost every pregnant woman. There are different ways of experiencing this problem, and while some women have lump located in the upper chest or throat, other have a throat or chest burning sensation. But, this problem does not have to affect you and your pregnancy, because there are many ways of preventing it.

Causes of Heartburn in Pregnancy

During pregnancy hormones vary constantly, and this is one of the most common causes for heartburn. The stomach acid is not permitted to go through the esophagus and hormones, mainly progesterone, make the valve relax and release this acid, which leads to heartburn and irritation. In order to prevent this problem from happening, you can reduce three big meals to six smaller ones. If you do this, eating will be done in every three hours. Of course, do not eat six big meals, since this will mean additional 300 calories during the day. If you do this, you will consume 400 calories during each meal and this will satisfy the need of your body. The third semester is the time when this problem mostly occurs, because the uterus is getting bigger and pressures the stomach and intestines. Because of this, the stomach acid can cause the problem as described earlier.


Now we will try to explain what can be done in order to remove this problem. Hormones are something you cannot interfere with, along with the uterus growing, but there are ways you can follow and that will help you to reduce the problem of heartburn. In most cases, the problem will be reduced, but it can also be eliminated completely.

We have said that you should have six small meals, but bear in mind that you should not eat spicy and fatty food. Do not eat one hour prior to going to sleep. Two hours are better but one hour is the bottom line. Foods that can decrease the discomfort are yogurts and soy milk. Also do not wear tight clothes, drink carbonated drinks and caffeine, tomato based food and hot sauces. Try not to drink fluid while eating and also put some honey in milk. This should reduce the heartburn.

Medications that can be used for heartburn are antacids, but when pregnant, always consult a professional before using them. The most commonly used medication is Tums. There is a chance the treatment we have given will not give results, and if this happens, contact the doctor so that the stronger medications and treatment may be included. Do not be concerned because of this problem, since it always disappears after the delivery.

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