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The human body has its own protective mechanisms. Mucous membranes of the throat and nose, for instance, produce mucus, a thick, slimy secretion rich in antiseptic enzymes as well as immunoglobulins essential for protection against harmful substances and infective agents entering the body via the nasal or oral cavity.

Under certain circumstances the production of mucus increases and one may feel the presence of mucus in the throat or even lower portions of the respiratory tract. There is a variety of reasons for excess of mucus in throat. These include different bacterial and viral infections and allergies to certain allergens.

Causes of Mucus in Throat

In majority of cases excess of mucus in throat is the consequence of some infections of the upper respiratory tract. Viral infections (the common cold, flu etc) , bacterial infections (sinusitis, tonsillitis) and many more are great contributors of production of large amounts of mucus. The color and the thickness of mucus vary according to the infective agent that has led to infection. All the additional symptoms and signs of the infection vary as well.

If one has developed allergy to certain allergen such as dust, pollen or some chemicals he/she will experience problems with excess of mucus every time he/she comes in contact with the specific allergen/irritant. Even individuals suffering from food allergies may experience mucus thickening or excess of mucus after consuming food they are allergic to.

In some cases hormonal changes may be blamed for large amounts of mucus in throat. Hormonal fluctuations and subsequent issue may affect pregnant women and those on birth control pill.

Excess of mucus is reported to be a common health issue in smokers and sometime people who consume alcohol and a lot of caffeine.

Finally, even some environmental circumstances such as cold weather, dry air etc. may induce increased production of mucus and associated problems.

Mucus in Throat - the Cure

Some home remedies are quite efficient in eliminating mucus in throat. Still, if the problem lingers and is accompanied by more complex or severe symptoms and signs, one is due to consult his/her health care provider and receive adequate treatment.

Mild cases of mucus in throat can respond well to gargling with a mixture of warm salt water. This maneuver should be performed several times per day. In order to reduce thickness of mucus, one is supposed to drink plenty of water and other fluids. By keeping the body well hydrated, mucus becomes less viscous and is easily eliminated. Reduction of mucus viscosity is also achieved by inhaling steams.

One more quite effective home remedy for mucus is a spoonful of ginger and honey paste. Additional help is obtained from antiseptic gargles, saline nasal sprays and some over-the-counter drugs specially produced to deal with excess of mucus.

Finally, sometimes excess of mucus an be avoided if one avoid substances, chemicals etc. he/she is allergic to. Smokers may not have to deal with the issue any more soon after they quit smoking.

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