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Causes of dizziness when standing up

Why Do We Feel Dizzy upon Standing up?

Some of us experience this phenomenon, for many different reasons. When everything in our body functions great, it notices that, upon us standing up, most of our blood rushes into our feet, due to the force of gravity. However, since our organism reacts timely to this phenomenon, it regulates the blood pressure and keeps the blood circulating nevertheless. Whenever this does not happen, we are bound to experience dizziness upon standing up.

Causes of Dizziness upon Standing up

One of many possible causes of this problem is the lack of blood volume in our organism. This could have happened due to a blood loss triggered by an injury like a severing of an artery, trauma to the liver, spleen or ruptures in the veins and arteries.

Sometimes, people with weak hearts are unable to pump the blood fast enough in order to avoid this phenomenon. Subsequently, they are bound to experience dizziness most of the times they change their positions from sitting to standing.

Additionally, once our organism is low on water, it reduces our blood pressure, leading to this dizziness which takes place under the above mentioned circumstances. Therefore, in order to avoid dizziness upon standing up, it is very important to drink sufficient amounts of water, compensating for your losses, making your blood pressure optimal, keeping this dizziness at bay.

Yet, if your dizziness while standing up is accompanied by fever, shaking and chills, confusion or decreased urination, you might be suffering from sepsis. This disease is our body's reaction to a bacterial infestation it has been exposed to. In such a situation, our immune system releases chemicals which lower our blood pressure, triggering the dizziness.

However, the causes may be much more positive, since there are many medications which have dizziness upon standing up as one of the basic side-effects. Luckily, this poses no threat to your organisms, and should not be treated. Rather, you are to remember that you will be dizzy, being prepared for it while you are standing up.

Finally, since our nerves are the ones letting our brain know that all the blood rushed in our legs in the first place, their damage may prevent them from performing this action, leading to dizziness to strike, without being prevented. People with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, syphilis and many other diseases are a risk group. Additionally, alcohol abuse, some other diseases or vertigo may also be behind this phenomenon.  

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