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I Feel Dizzy!

In the past, people who suffered fromdizziness had no support from the medical branch whatsoever. Rather,they were probably told that they will have to live with this fituntil the end of their lives. Today, however, with many breakthroughsin the medical field, we have therapies and healing methods which cando away with your dizziness issues effectively. This is good since anincredibly large percentage of people, especially the elderly, visitthe doctor's, complaining about this problem.

Why Do We Feel Dizzy?

Our body grants us many differentsensors which help us coordinate ourselves in space and better ourorientation. We have our eyes, our vestibular system, which aresemicircular canals and otoliths, our touch as well as our muscle andjoint receptors, all of which transfer different external stimuli andinformation to our brain. Then, through the vestibular system,balance is being taken care of and maintained. Whenever we sufferfrom a disease affecting our vestibular system, or any other healthproblem with such an effect, we are bound to experience balanceproblems, as well as dizziness.

One of these three sources of balancemay be lost and compensated for. However, when you lose more than oneof these systems, or have them dysfunctional, you are likely to haveproblems with dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation is the bestchoice for treatment when it comes to dealing with the abovementioned problems.

The Ways of Vestibular Rehabilitation

Through this therapy, you will need toundergo three stages. Firstly, you will need to make yourself dizzyby doing actions which cause this fit to happen and gettingaccustomed to the negative effects. Then, you will be taught tomaintain your balance regardless of the dizziness, through certainexercises. Finally, you will be taught specific hand eye coordinationexercises, which will help you cope with visual causes of dizziness.

Yet, before this takes place, you needto be diagnosed properly. Your doctor will look into your medicalhistory, perform numerous examinations and test your vision andhearing, as well as your balance. Blood tests will be performed,searching for any diseases or disorders which may trigger dizziness.Also, ultrasound, CT or MRI scans of the head may be necessary inorder to provide your doctor with a better insight into your healthcondition and see whether vestibular rehabilitation may or may not behelpful to you.

Every vestibular rehabilitation processis modified to simulate daily processes of a patient. Twice a week,you will need to undergo the treatment, where you will be exposed tothe situations which make you dizzy, eventually overcoming the issue. Threemonths is the usually period necessary for a complete rehabilitation.

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