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Lightheaded Feeling Characteristics

Many people are prone to feeling lightheaded once they stand up or are standing up. This condition can mean many different things. However, we often ignore it since it usually passes away quickly. Nevertheless, this problem can be quite serious and it deserves our attention, especially if it repeats itself often and remains persistent. Therefore, you are advised to read the following lines and learn more about this lightheadedness and learn how to deal with it as well as which health problems might be causing it in the first place.

Reasons behind Lightheadedness upon Standing up

The first, most common reason for this strange sensation is the fact that, once you stand up, all the blood in your body is being pulled down by gravity. Thus, you begin experiencing the constant lightheadedness since there is a lack of blood in your upper body. However, there are many other possible causes behind this problem.

Another cause is low blood pressure. This condition usually goes hand-in-hand with dehydration, spending time in places with extremely high temperatures, or not eating enough. All these things trigger low blood pressure, possibly leading to lightheadedness while standing up. Sometimes, due to the number of calories inserted in your body, you may experience this phenomenon after you finish eating.

Sometimes, diarrhea, anemia or certain medications may cause you to suffer from hypovolemia, which is, basically, a state of having lower blood volume in your body. Then, due to this state of affairs, you may experience the lightheadedness too. Additionally, Parkinson's disease, Addison's disease or certain heart problems, all may be the causes of these lightheadedness issues.

How Does It Feel?

The feeling one gets once he/she stands up and starts experiencing the lightheadedness is a mixture of dizziness and nausea. Also, the sufferer might hear some noise in the ears, feel numbness in the limbs or possibly lose consciousness. Sometimes, a head rush might take place along with vision problems.

How Can It Be Avoided?

You might try exercising a bit every day, in order to get your blood running faster, avoiding this lightheadedness. Stretching several times a day may suffice. Additionally, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day while, at the same time avoiding excessive coffee and alcohol consumption. However, regardless of these changes, which will probably prevent lightheadedness when standing in some people, you are still advised to seek medical assistance and go for a regular checkup, complaining about the symptoms.

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