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What Does Dizziness Mean?

This term is used for many different, yet related conditions. Therefore, in order for one to know why they are dizzy when lying down, proper nature of the feeling needs to be taken into consideration. Namely, people say they are feeling dizzy when they are losing balance, feel exhausted, have a sensation of spinning while staying still, feel tender on their feet, and many more. Although this condition is often not dangerous, there are a few things behind it and a few things to be done in order to do away with it.

Possible Causes of This Dizziness

Often, certain inner ear conditions may cause sensation of vertigo and physical imbalance when trying to lay down. This condition is named Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and it is caused by certain displaced particles in our inner ear. Nausea may also go hand-in-hand with vertigo and this condition. Since the peak of it is reached when a person tries to lay down, this condition is often described as dizziness.

An additional cause for this type of dizziness may be irregular blood flow. Namely, some people, especially at their younger age, tend to have abrupt blood pressure changes when they stand up and sit down, as well as when they change their body position from lying to standing and vice-versa.

Certain medications may have dizziness as their side-effect, causing it in the situations best describing the one this article is about. Sleeping medications, as well as sedatives tend to cause this feeling. Anxiety in general may cause dizziness, either through stress overload or through panic attacks. These create a need for one to lay down thus causing the triggering of this condition. Alcohol and drug abuse, only make things worse.

Many other diseases and conditions involving the above mentioned inner ear, may cause one to feel imbalanced and suffer from vertigo and dizziness. However, aging brings this condition as a normal byproduct, and a lot of elderly people feel dizzy whenever their change their body position drastically. Bearing in mind that older people tend to have more chronic medical conditions, it is not hard to realize why they are more prone to this one in general.

Is There a Successful Treatment?

If this fit shows up very rarely, without being too serious, you have nothing to worry about. However, if dizziness is very frequent, followed by nausea, headaches and other troubling sensations, medical assistance is a must. Doctors will try to find the reason behind your condition and prescribe an adequate therapy accordingly.

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