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Excessive Yawning Characteristics

People yawn often. Mostly, this is doneinvoluntarily, once a person is feeling tired or bored. Nevertheless,it is considered rude and embarrassing to yawn while someone else istalking since this means you are either not interested or bored withthe topic. Therefore, people try to restrain from yawning in suchsituations. If we are to try and describe this action, we would claimit as an abrupt inhalation of air through the mouth followed byexhaling through both one's mouth and nose. Some people tend to yawncontinually for a longer period, making people around them feelawkward and disabling the attention span of the person yawning. Thus,in order to remedy or understand this condition, it is important toknow why do we yawn as well as some other characteristics of thisphenomenon.

Reasons Behind Yawning

First and foremost, yawning isconsidered to be an action out of boredom. When bored anduninterested, our body tries to circulate air more in order to makeus more concentrated and sober. Some even claim that this action iscaused by our body's fear of lung problems, checking them in order toassure their well-being. Additionally, numerous diseases and healthconditions may involves heart dysfunction and/or low blood pressure.In these cases, we are prone to yawning due to our body's desire toinsert more oxygen into our organism and thus ensure its properfunctioning blood stream. Finally, improper posture may easily causeyawning. Namely, if we are prone to sit, walk or lean onto things ina lazily manner, by bending our back often, we cause pressure uponour lungs, making our organism in need of compensating for the lossof oxygen.

Symptoms of Excessive Yawning

Even though we tend to consider yawningharmless most of the times, sometimes this may be a wrong assumption.Namely, in cases of headaches, shortness of breath and heart ratechanges, as well as concentration issues accompanied with tingling inone's arms and legs, something more serious is at hand. In thesecases, one is to seek medical attention and try to solve the problemby knowing what the underlying cause is.

Possible Treatment

As mentioned above, excessive yawningmerely represents a symptom. Nevertheless, this symptoms may standbehind numerous different cardiovascular conditions. Therefore, it iscrucial to properly diagnose the problem, starting from this yawningdysfunction. If left untreated, the potential illness may escalateand the patient may even suffer from jaw injuries caused by theconstant yawning itself. Thus, timely action is a must.

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