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Experts don’t know the real cause of cancer in the cervix.However, there are some factors that can be risky for getting cervical cancerfor instance your sexual habits, medical history and your general lifestyle.

What Are the Most Major Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer

There are mainly two risk factors that can point towardscervical cancer. The first one is human papilloma virus also known in short asHPV. The second risky factor is your sexual history. The human papilloma viruscan affect the genital tract, the external genitals and the area around theanus. Do not get confused though, the human papilloma virus is not connected tothe HIV virus which as you know is the virus which can lead to AIDS. There aremany forms of the human papilloma virus, about forty six forms, however theyare not all hazardous. The ones that are risky are the ones that cause celldysplasia which is abnormal cell growth and can then lead to the cervical cancer. The forms of the humanpapilloma virus that cause you to have small, flat bumps that are barely thereare not the forms that cause the cervical cancer.

Hybrid Capture Test

The FDA approved a test in the year 1999. The test has thecapability to find fourteen different forms of the human papilloma virus. Itdoes this by using chemoluminescence which is the transfer of chemical energyinto light, these techniques are used to precisely decide on the attendance ornonattendance of the human papilloma virus and whether they are of a small riskor average or elevated risk for cervical cancer.

Sexual History Connection to Cervical Cancer

It is an unfortunate fact that woman who have had a tendencyto have multiple sexual partners are at a higher risk to having cancerof the cervix. As well as that, if a woman has had sex prior to the age ofeighteen she also is at risk. If a womanhas had sex with a man who has previously had sex with a woman who had cervicalcancer then unfortunately it can be transferred in this manner as well.

Other Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer

Unluckily, poverty can be a risk for woman if they do nothave the access to the medical system to be able to have the usual screeningtests that help catch the abnormal cells before they progress into cancer.Smokers are at a higher risk as well.

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