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Cervical cancer develops within the cervix which is placed at the neck of the uterus. The squamous cells of the cervix begin to abnormally grow and after a number of years the cervical cancer develops. This cancer slowly develops and therefore its early detection is very important since the cervical cancer is curable if it is treated in the early stages.

Causes of cervical cancer

The Human Papilloma Virus is responsible for the occurrence of the cervical cancer in the majority of cases. The women catch this virus through the unsafe sex with the infected men. However, it does not mean that if a woman has HPV that it will show some symptoms or that this virus will cause some disordered. The virus may stay dormant or lead to cancer, but this happens in a significantly small number of women. The cervical cancer is mostly observed in the women above 35 years of age. Smoking and the consummation of birth control pills for a long time only contribute to the developing of the cervical cancer.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

The women with cervical cancer usually experience painful and uncomfortable sexual intercourse, vagina bleeding even though they do not have menstruation and strange vaginal discharge. In most cases, the warning signs of cervical cancer are not obvious in early stages so it is extremely important to regularly go to the checkups at a gynecologist.

Standard treatment for cervical cancer

Cervical cancer, as well as any other type of cancer, is treated by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. When it is detected in the early stage, just a minor surgery is necessary. A full hysterectomy is necessary in the advanced stage of cervical cancer and the women cannot have children after that.

Alternative treatments for cervical cancer

There are also several alternate cervical cancer treatments, which are available and which are considered to be more natural than the standard methods for treating cervical cancer.

Formula DEG is one alternative option which is considered to be the natural version of chemotherapy where canendula is present. Another alternative treatment for cervical cancer is bio-photonic light treatment which includes the restoring of energy to the affected cells. In this treatment, which is non-invasive, the bio-photonic machine is used to reprogram the cells of the cervix. Emotional freedom techniques also belong to the alternative treatments for cervical cancer which include the restoring of body’s health which was impaired by exposure to frequent stress formerly.

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