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In the following text, we will focus on the carbohydrates and we will see why they are so important for our body. Formula Cm(H2O)n is used for this hydrogen, oxygen and carbon comprising organic compound. This compound provides the body with energy and it can be located and consumed via food with high level of sugar or starch. But we have all heard stories and followed diets that promote carbohydrates as bad things that have to be avoided in order to reduce weight. Carbohydrates are needed for the body, and the energy for the physical activities we perform during the day comes from them. It also promotes proper functioning of body organs. There are few types of carbohydrates and we will see which they are.


Complex and simple carbohydrates are two carbohydrates types. Both types promote health and maintenance of adequate weight. Simple carbohydrates can be consumed via table-refined sugar, fruits, molasses and milk. It comes from sugar that transforms into glucose, by breaking down. Glucose is then responsible for providing the body with the needed energy. Complex need a bit more time for breaking down and they are made from starches. Due to this, energy they provide lasts longer and it is constant. While simple carbohydrates are stored, complex carbohydrates are not stored in our body. This information may lead to an assumption that simple carbohydrates are not healthy, since they are stored in the body and may cause medical problems. But the fact is we need carbohydrates and we need both types of them. Foods like whole grain products are sources of complex carbohydrates, but in these foods, there is no fiber or nutrients.


The glucose is needed for the body and simple carbohydrates are sources that provide constant replenish. But blood sugar level must be maintained in adequate level and a problem with this level may occur if there is less glucose then needed. In order to maintain normal blood sugar level, glucose reserves are used. Molecule named glycogen is stored in liver and muscles. Glucose is stored via this molecule. Once glycogen is used, it leads to reduced glucose level in red blood cells, insufficient supply of glucose to the brain, and damage to the muscle tissue, which hampers the protein levels.

Carbohydrates are needed for preventing ketosis and complications connected with digestive system. Low level of carbohydrates gives room for an increased level of ketones, which are chemicals. This problem is associated with a condition called ketosis. In order to have an adequate level of carbohydrates in your body, consume whole grain products, milk products, milk, vegetables and fruits. Some say that a daily amount of carbohydrates that the body needs is in the range between 40 and 75%.

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