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Pregnancy calls for certain obligations and responsibilities, but with some limitations as well. We will talk about one of such limitations and it is associated with tanning salons and the fact that pregnant women need to avoid such places. Tan is very important for women and this prohibition is very difficult to cope with. But there are sprays and lotions that will have similar effect as the visit to the tanning salon. This is an important issue debated in many studies and we will see if these tanning salons really are dangerous for your baby. Heat is the problem with the tanning salons. It is sometimes very discomforting for the mother, and not to mention the baby.


First we will see what you can expect when visiting tanning salon while pregnant. Folic acid, which is important for proper growth of baby's nervous system, will decrease. In tanning beds, a woman needs to lie down on her back, and in this position, the blood flow will be restricted and the blood pressure will be increased, so there is a chance that baby's supply of blood will be restricted as well. Dehydration can be caused by sweating during the tanning, and this can be dangerous for the baby.

The temperature of the body can be increased, since the temperature during the tanning procedure can even be 102 Fahrenheit, and this can increase the baby's temperature, thus causing sweating which can lead to problems. UV exposure can cause malignant melanoma and because of the hormonal alterations, women are more susceptible to this problem. Sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer, is another thing to which pregnant women are susceptible due to hormonal changes. Heart problems and various deformities can be caused as well. Microwave technology can be used for tanning beds and we do not have to tell you about the dangers of it. UVB and UVA rays can penetrate the fetus and lead to further damage.

Spray Tanning

See a gynecologist before going to spray tanning, but in general, this is a safe option because there is no radiation involved. Some say that this is not safe during breastfeeding and first trimester, so see a professional before using it in this period. Fetus can suffer deformities because of the vitamin A, which can be located in certain lotions. Know that you will be prone to sunburn regardless of the tanning lotion used. For the end, we will say that we think that tanning is not safe during pregnancy and that you should avoid it.

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