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There are many over-the-counter or prescription drugs and treatment options for people who are diagnosed with Candida infection and they are very effective against the infection. However, the recovery from the infection can be much faster if it is accompanied by a special diet, in which some foods are omitted and some are encouraged. This diet can sometimes be difficult for vegetarians, especially because of their often restricted intake of protein.

Candida diet and vegetarianism

The problem with some vegetarians is that they give up on foods of animal origin but still continue to stuff themselves with junk food like pizza, chips, cookies, candy, popcorn and similar. In that case they need to increase their protein intake, otherwise the health will suffer.

In normal Candida diet, it is important to increase the intake of protein because it regulates the blood sugar levels. If there is not enough protein, the blood sugar rises and provides nutrition for the yeast. Vegetarians who have a Candida infection should look for other, non-animal sources of protein, such as beans, lentils, soybeans, tofu, dairy products, nuts and nut butters.

In addition, it is important to accompany the protein-rich foods with low-glycemic vegetables, such as leafy green vegetables, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and similar.

Starchy vegetables, like corn and potatoes, should be avoided, because they convert into sugar after they are digested.

Sticking to this diet does not have to be difficult. Because most plant-based foods are low in fat, this diet can even contribute to weight loss in those who are not satisfied with their figure.

Meal ideas for vegetarians on Candida diet

There are many great dishes that can be prepared with ingredients recommended on Candida diet.

Vegetable quinoa dish can be prepared with one cup of quinoa, a few spoons of sugar-free marinara sauce, two garlic cloves, one onion, two carrots, two peppers, half a head of cabbage, one yellow squash and some olive oil. The vegetables should be diced and simmered in olive oil for 15 minutes on low heat, after which the marinara sauce is added. While the vegetables are cooking, quinoa is toasted until it starts popping, after which three cups of water are added and it is cooked for 15 minutes. When there is no more liquid, the vegetables are added in and stirred.

This makes a great dinner meal, and for the lunch and the snacks it is recommended to eat sliced carrots and cucumbers or a sandwich made with sprouted grain bread with no sugar or yeast and sugar-free almond, macadamia, cashew or peanut butter.

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