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Who likes to play mind games?

When it comes to this specific faculty of hours, it all boils down to one thing, i.e. one will use it well and maintain it in “mind” condition or she/he will lose it once and for all. Those memory loses which last only for a limited period of time (also known as short term memory losses) are actually indicators of brain disorder, as well as spinal cord disorder. Extremely important is to recognize them as early as possible for the timely treatment to be manageable and effective. On the list of those most frequent culprits affecting our memory in that most harmful of ways are included those such as the following – anxiety, depression, brain injury, spinal injury, Alzheimer’s disease, mental trauma, alcohol abuse, and last but not the list, drug addiction. Among the most evident manifestations of memory loss are mental confusion, incoherent thoughts, dementia, decreased cognitive ability, impaired muscular coordination, to mention but those most serious ones and those that one should especially pay attention to.

Given the fact that memory loss is individual in nature, each person tends to suffer from a different variety, of course. But what all symptoms have in common is that unless treated timely and properly, they can certainly lead to numerous more serious complications, which can influence one’s life negatively to a great extent.

How to re-establish control and improve one’s memory significantly?

Though it is an extremely awkward condition to temper with, it still needs to be given a lot of attention. This is exactly one of the reasons why people have at their disposal numerous techniques, medications and natural remedies that aid significantly in dealing with this unpleasant condition. Some of the already confirmed ones include such as:

Drugs – in terms of Alzheimer’s, four medications officially recognized and marked as safe are galantamine, tacrine, donepezil as well as rivastigmine, or translated into the brand names Reminyl, Cognex, Aricept and Exelon. Extremely important advice is to visit and consult one’s physician prior to actually taking them.Memory add-ons (supplements) are also to be chosen if your physician gives his/her approval. For the purpose of boosting that short term memory loss, regarded as the most effective and beneficial are vitamin capsules (comprised of vitamin A, B complex, C and E), as well as vitamin capsules such as magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc.Cyntol – restores proper cognitive functioning of the person’s brain.Green tea and ginseng are good for energy and memory boost.

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