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Every person has their own lifelong dreams, small or bigdecisions, hopes and expectations, and quite often they seem to burden theperson with perhaps a bit too much information. Everyone sometimes gets buriedunder a mountain of data, ideas, feelings and emotions. When a person is goingthrough such a period, it is very important to find something which will behelpful in clearing the mind and providing a better overall perception of anindividual’s situation and position in life. The point is that it is veryimportant to have a clear mind. A clear mind provides an opportunity between aworld of differences such as crystallizing ideas and capturing information,listening and hearing, only looking and really seeing and so on. When a personhas a clear mind, it is much easier to communicate with everything and everyonethat surrounds him or her. Being calm but collected, having both feet on theground and being both strong and quiet at the same time are the qualities knownonly to people who are always ready and alert. All the aforementioned factssound wonderful but for most people they seem distant and elusive. The truthcould not be further from that.

The Power of Tea

Tea is very powerful, as so many people around the worldalready know. Most people are aware of the fact that tea provides the humanbody with numerous types of health benefits. Not that many people know that teamay also be highly beneficial for the mind as well. Numerous scientific studieshave shown that tea is strongly linked with mental stability and vitality. Itis all due to a certain ingredient contained in the tea, known by the name oftheanine. Theanine can only be found in the tea plant and is actually the mainreason why so many people prefer tea over any other type of beverage availableon the market. Theanine is quiteinteresting because it is very efficient in relieving both the physical and themental stress, but it also may come in handy when it comes to raising the levelof one’s mental alertness at the same time. It increases the production ofalpha brain waves which leads to sharper memory, better concentration andhigher mental focus. Tea is a type of beverage which can be purchased virtuallyanywhere and it is very easy to prepare. Some say it is much healthier thancoffee.

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