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Food lovers really enjoy in those delicious ground beef and small rounded beef patties, chops, meatballs and casseroles. Ground beef isvery tasty and it is perfect for making the best hamburgers. As any otherground meat, you should cook it or freeze it the same day you have purchased it, particularly because ground meat has higher tendency to go badthan whole cuts of meat. Ground beef can be bought in supermarkets, but you can also makeit yourself, you just need to keep everything sterilized to avoid poisoning. Youneed to use clean utensils and airtight plastic bags for storing ground beef. Manypeople who don`t know much about meat think that pork is better than beef inlosing weight. However, beef does have more calories than you think. It is veryimportant to know from which part of the cow`s body the meat was taken sincethe meat taken from cow`s shoulder contains much more fat than the meat takenfrom cow`s hind leg.

Benefits of ground beef

Cattle that are fed with grass are much healthier than theones fed with grain. Ground beef that comes from cattle fed with grass has lowcalories, lower level of total fat, has no antibiotics and there are nohormones in food. Essential fatty acids like omega-3 can help your cellmembranes to build blocks. If you have problems with levels of yourcholesterol, ground beef can help you reduce it. Ground beef is full ofvitamins like vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids. Besides allthese vitamins, ground beef is full of healthy nutrition such as conjugated linoleicacid, it helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it is anti-diabetic and is also anti-carcinogenic.


Here are some helpful numbers about how much calories thereare in different types of ground beef. In 23% of fat, frozen ground beef pattythere are 319 calories and 167 calories from fat. In 95% lean ground beef pattythere are 145 calories and 50 calories from fat. In 90% of lean ground beefthere are 214 calories with 124 calories from fat. In 85% lean ground beefthere are 213 calories and 123 calories from fat. In 80% lean ground beef thereare 235 calories with 135 calories from fat, and in 73% of lean ground beefthere are 248 calories and 139 calories from fat.

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