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Butter is something that most of us consider as a veryfatty food and food with high amount of calories. We will see how many caloriesbutter really has in the following text. Butter is a very popular food and mostof us spread it on the bread in the morning. When we do this, we probably donot think about the number of calories this slice of bread and the butter have.But this is something all of us should know and see if butter is something weshould be consuming.


The taste of butter is very delicious and we put it on our bread to enhance the tasteof the food. We put it in sandwiches and on bread just to enhance the taste of the bread. Today separating these two is a problem. Also, there are many mealsthat need butter for preparation, so you can see how difficult it would beto just exclude the use of this wonderful product. We could exclude it, but thetaste we will receive without the butter is something terrible to say theleast. Next we will see how many calories there really are in butter. But be careful, sincemost will probably think twice about spreading the butter on the bread afterreading this article.

Butter without Salt

Sodium is the difference between the butter that has no salt and the one that has salt. Sodium is contained in much higher level in the butter that hassalt. There are 67 calories in 9,4g of butter, which is approximately theamount of one tablespoon. This butter can provide calories, but since there isno carbohydrates, the source of calories is fat. This may be a problem sincethe fat butter has is mainly saturated fat. There are 4.8g of fat in atablespoon of butter and also 2g of monosaturated fat, 20.5mg of cholesteroland 0.26g of polyunsaturated fat.

Butter With Salt

The number of calories in butter with salt is the same as the butter withoutsalt and the number is 67 calories. In butter with slat, there are also 4.7g ofpolyunsaturated fats, 0.3g of monosaturated fats, 78mg of sodium and 21mg ofcholesterol.


The nutritional fact associated with margarine will bemeasured in the 9.4g, just like the mentioned buttes types. The difference inthe level of calories as we have seen is non-existent between the butter withsalt and without salt. The calories come from fat in both cases, but thedifference between the butter and margarine is in the number of saturated fats,which is lesser in margarine. In margarine, there are also 1.2g of saturatedfats, 1.6g of polyunsaturated fat, 4.4g of monosaturated fat, 7.6g of fat, whichis the same like butter, along with the number of calories, which is approximately67. The fat, cholesterol and sodium level are the only difference between thebutter types, so you can see that greater difference is not present, especiallyfor the amount of calories.

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