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The worm of doubt

It has been now quitesome time that the ongoing debate has been present. And it is still a bitunclear whether the one dairy product is better than the other. As far asmargarine is concerned, it does bear resemblance to butter and is also made formmilk products, enriched with vegetable oil and a number of additionalingredients. What is certain is the fact that margarine is not so cholesterolinfested as its next of kin. The butter itself represents an edible emulsionof globules, coming from the fat, produced by way of milk and cream churning. Inaddition, butter is, more or less, to a greater extent regarded as a cookingingredient.

Health benefit issue

Despite the fact thatthe debate has been lasting for quite some time, and that there are plenty ofpeople who are ready to stand in defense of either one or the other, thishowever does not influence the overall facts regarding the health benefits ofboth dairy products. Therefore, the following account of benefits and downsides of both might help a person make a more objective decision, devoid of any bias.

Butter as such doescontain fats, but on the other hand, margarine itself is comprised of saturatedfats and fatty acids, which have been discovered to influence in a negative waythe person’s cardiovascular health by causing certain cardiovascularabnormalities. Furthermore, margarine is known to be produced by way ofhydrogenation. During this process, there occurs the creation of the so-calledtan fats, which belong to the category of harmful fats. Important to point outalso is that margarine in its liquid form contains far less fat than its stickor hard variants. The fats in question are also regarded as one of the culpritsthat induce cholesterol level abnormalities in the person’s blood, which, ofcourse, can bring about the occurrence of different heart related issues. Comingback to butter, it is regarded as quite health damaging due to the fact that itcontains too great quantities of fat and cholesterol. Therefore, in orderto keep your health on a high level, it is recommendable to diminish theconsumption of both.

Calorie counts

Given the fact thatthe calorie count is what matters the most in the end, it should be known thatboth dairy products actually add up the same amount of calories to your diet,i.e. 740 calories. And this goes as well for different varieties of margarine,such as the ones enriched with animal fat or vegetable fat. In more detail:

Butter, one tablespoon, contains 102kcal, 11g of total fat, 7 g of saturated fats, 0.3 g of trans fats and 33 mg ofcholesterolMargarine (soft tub), one tablespoon,contains 60 kcal, 6 g of total fat, 1 g of saturated fats, 3 g of trans fatsand 0 mg of cholesterolMargarine (stick), one tablespoon,contains 101 kcal, 11 g of total fat, 2 g of saturated fats, 3 g of trans fatsand 0 mg of cholesterol

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