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Butter is known in ancient world when ancient people begin to domesticate animals. On the limestone tablet was found recipe for making butter. This tablet is 4500 years old. In India has been used clarified butter called ghee for religious ceremonies as offer to the gods for 3000 years. Also, butter is mentioned in Bible as product of cow’s milk. Interesting thing is that in America heart disease became killer number one at same time butter consuming was decreased.

First, there was opinion that people should not use animal fats, especially saturated fat. It was thought that margarine is healthier than butter. Margarine is processed food. Result of this opinion was that more and more American people get diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Butter is very healthy food, especially organic raw butter. This butter is high quality food. Butter is good and very important for your health. It is natural product. Margarine is not natural food and it is not healthy ad people thought before. It is processed food. Margarine is made of refined polynsaturated oils.

People should include in your diets healthy fats and oils. These fat and oils provides to human body essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are needed for heart health, hormone balance, energy moisture skin which glows, longevity, sharp vision. You need to include in your diet organic raw butter and even better is to use cultured raw butter.

These are some health benefits of butter:

Butter contains antioxidants good for preventing free radicals and weakening arteries.Butter is rich in vitamin K, vitamin E and selenium which is vital mineral. It contains vitamin A essential for thyroid and adrenal functions and this vitamin in butter is the easiest form of it for absorbing.Also, contains vitamin D necessary for calcium absorption.Butter has saturated fats that help in protecting against cancers and tumours.Lauric acid in butter is good for candida treatment and other fungi infections.Lecithin in butter is very important for cholesterol regulation.Butter is good for quick energy gain.Butter has Activator X important for mineral absorption of your body.It contains cholesterol which is good for children nervous system and brain.Butter prevents decay of your teeth.Pregnant women should eat butter because it is good for proper development of baby’s bones, teeth and brain.Butter is good for fertility in women.

The best benefits of butter you will rip if you eat raw organic butter. Pasteurization ruins valuable nutrients. Also, it is even better for you to eat cultured row butter. This one contains friendly bacteria necessary for your health. These bacteria are Lactococcus lactis and Lactobacillus planterum.

It is important to know that you should not eliminate butter from your diets. Butter is very good for your health and great source of healthy animal fats.

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