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American Heart Association always recommends choosing margarine or butter that has a liquid vegetable oil, as a first in labeled ingredient, with no more than 2 grams of saturated fat, per one spoon. Also it is good to choose a trans fat free or low trans fat margarine. A liquid margarine, on American market, can be found sold, in one tub. The liquid margarine is better then a stick margarine due to its less hydrogenation.

Butter (or margarine) has always been a bad escort of our food list due to its bad fat that does a bad thing to our body. A soft, warm and buttery coat over a fresh bread or cookies hmmm... everyone likes that!?! But a high level of cholesterol, and potential heart diseases always raises a great noise, and it is linked to very much the same soft butter. But what is butter and what is margarine? Well, the margarine has the trans fats and butter has a saturated fat. And believe you or not, saturated fat is better for body then trans fat, something almost always found in margarine.

Butter or Margarine?

The best known artery clogger found in the food is a nice creamy margarine because margarine is all made in trans fats. But today, there is produced margarine without hydrogenated oils, which is far too healthier choice. The latest products of margarine involve plant sterols, which are decreasing level of cholesterol too.

Butter has about 100 calories per spoon and those calories are pretty understandable add to any recipes. But there is some margarine on the market today, much less saturated with fat then usual. These are actually polyunsaturated fats that are not clogging arteries that much, and are counting calories. It is however, possible to find much less saturated fat margarine.

But butter is a great for its mixture of linolenic acid and vitamin A. CLA in butter lowers the risk for cancer and builds a great body mass. As said before, butter still may be a better choice, because margarine is too refined and processed, and butter still has antioxidants that are powerful in fighting damaged cells.

Final Choice

Is butter better choice then? The processed margarine may give a better feel. If you are a weight watcher than butter is a better choice: there are lighter butters on markets, with twice less calories then the usual one. However, it is very important to do not overdo with the butter or margarine.

But even so, choosing butter over margarine in the supermarket is far better idea.

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