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Tums (calcium carbonate)

Tums or calcium carbonate is a supplement used to increase the level of calcium in your body. Calcium is very important, especially for the health of the bones. Calcium can attach to phosphates and help in removing them outside the body. It can be taken in the purposes of prevention or treatment of calcium deficiencies. If you have decided to take calcium carbonate, you must talk to your health provider, particularly if you use some other drugs. Also, if you had problems with kidney stones or with parathyroid gland, you shouldn’t take these supplements. Tell your medical adviser if you are expecting a baby or if you are nursing a baby, and he will decide if you can take calcium carbonate or not.

How should I take Tums (calcium carbonate)?

You should take calcium carbonate by following the instructions on the label and if not, than a doctor should tell you how to use them. You must strictly follow the instructions about the dosage, but for the best results take it with food. This supplement should be properly kept, on a dry and cold place. If you miss to take a dose, then take it when you remember or wait for the time to take another dose and take only one dose at that time.

There is a possibility for overdosing with calcium carbonate, and if this happens, call for help immediately. You can recognize overdosing by symptoms such as sickness, throwing up, loss of appetite, difficult evacuation of bowels, mental agitation, shock, and coma.

Tums (calcium carbonate) side effects

You may develop allergy to calcium carbonate and if you notice anything that looks like an allergic reaction, either hard breathing or bulge anywhere on the body or urticaria, immediately contact your doctor. There are also some side effects which are not that dangerous, and they include sickness, throwing up, loss of appetite, difficult evacuation of bowels, dryness of the mouth and frequent urination. There are unwanted effects which are not mentioned here. For further information, please contact the manufacturer or a doctor.

What other drugs can affect Tums?

Other medicines can be absorbed more difficult if you take calcium carbonate. Those medicines are digoxin, antacids, calcitriol and doxycycline, so, if you are using some of them, talk to your medical adviser about taking calcium carbonate. Also, there are some other medicines that can be affected by the intake of calcium carbonate, which is why it is important to talk to your doctor about every medicine that you use, so that he could estimate if you can take calcium carbonate.

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