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This article will focus on an herb called butterbur. Thereare many usages of bulbs, roots and leaves of this herb, but there are someingredients that can harm your liver and cause other serious consequences. One ofthese harmful substances is pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which are chemicals. Be onthe lookout for “PA-free” products of butterbur since they are advised assafer.There are several usages of butterbur and they include removal of urinary tractspasms, irritable bladder and hay fever, whooping cough, sleeping problems,insomnia, fever, plaque, anxiety, chills, headaches, migraines,stomach ulcers, upset stomach and pain. The appetite can also be stimulatedwith the help from this herb.

Use and Effectiveness

The swelling and spasms can be eliminated due to the chemicals found in thebutterbur. Theproblem of migraines can be reduced along with their lasting time if you usethis herb's root for 16 weeks. It is effective in half of cases. Best results will appear if you use this root two times during the day in 75mgquantities. Smaller dosages are less effective and there are some indicationsthat children from 6 to 17 years of age can also use this extract for thementioned problem. Hay fever can also be cured with the help from butterbur. There are some conditions and problems associated with the healing with the useof butterbur, but there is no real evidence to support this. Such problems arewounds, urinary tract spasms, irritable bladder, chronic bronchitis, asthma,cough, colic and pain.

Side Effects and Safety

The pyrrolizidine alkaloids contained in the butterbur is the biggest threat comingfrom this herb. It can create problems for blood circulation, lungs and liver, but it is also regarded as a cancer culprit. Never orally use or put on brokenskin butterbur products that contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids. The chemicals canthen easily be absorbed into your body and cause a mess. Those certified as PAsfree should only be used, and even orally. But you should not use them for more than16 weeks, while children aged between 6 and 17 can use these products for 4months. But application of this product on unbroken skin is something not researchedon in detail, so avoid using it in this way. The use of butterbur can lead todrowsiness, fatigue, upset stomach, asthma, diarrhea, itchy eyes, headache andbelching, but is more safer than cetirizine, which causes more severedrowsiness and fatigue.


Remember not to use this herb if you are pregnant or if you are allergic to an herb coming from the Asteraceae or Compositae family, such as marigolds,chrysanthemums, ragweed and numerous others.

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