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Information on Petasites Officinalis

Petasites officinalis is the botanical name for theperennial herb more commonly known as butterbur. It grows on the fields and itcan usually be located in most regions of Asia, Europe and North America. Themost peculiar thing about butterbur is that it can grow to extraordinary dimensions,and it leafs may sometimes be as big as an umbrella. Butterbur blooms at theend of April and its roots are heavily entangled in a very complicated web inthe soil. It has been used for numerous medicinal purposes for many centuries.The only problem with butterbur is that it contains certain types of alkaloidswhich are toxic for the liver and some other organs inside the human body. Oneshould never consume any butterbur extracts which contain these alkaloidsbecause it may dangerous. All butterbur extracts should always be purchased andused with strict recommendations of a specialist. Children, pregnant women andbreastfeeding mothers should steer clear of butterbur in any form.


Butterbur has been used in Europe as a medicinal herb fornumerous centuries. Its main purpose was the treatment of spasms and fever. Thenoted Greek physician from the ancient times known by the name of Dioscurideshas also used the leaves from the butterbur plant for the treatment of varioustypes of skin illnesses and diseases. When the Black Death plague and feverkilled many people in the 14th century, butterbur was also used torelieve the effects of the horrible disease. Native Americans have always butterburin order to treat and relieve the symptoms of headaches and different sorts ofinflammatory conditions. Nowadays, butterbur is mainly used to control andrelieve asthma, headaches and numerous different kinds of allergies andallergic reactions. Butterbur root extracts may come in very handy for allthose who suffer from congestions, stomach ulcers and various types of stomachinfections.


Butterbur can be used in different forms, such as pills,tablets, tincture, powder, etc. Itsleaves and roots can also be used for the preparation of extracts. Citizens ofthe United States will most likely come across butterbur root extracts, whichunfortunately are not that potent as the extracts made from the butterburleaves. All the health benefits of butterbur are derived from two activecomponents known by the names of isopetasin and petasin. These are known forhaving very potent anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic properties.

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