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Butterbur for allergies

Butterbur can help with migraines and similar conditions, not only allergies. Daisy family Astereaceae in the genus Petasites is the family to which butterbur plant belongs to. The leaves of these plants are huge and the underground rhizomes are thick. Butterbur has become very popular because it can be used for a lot of things. Nowadays, mainly allergies are being treated with the help of this plant. If the allergies are not fully treated then at least the frequency of their attacks is somewhat less common.

How does butterbur for allergies work?

Researches say that butterbur has been used in allergy and migraine treatment for a long time. The main reason is because butterbur extract has a lot of petasin. Petasin is a type of sesquiterpene ester and it has inhibitory activities on leukotriene in eosinophils and neutrophils. These are the most important white blood cells which fight the inflammations. Because of this it is believed that butterbur possesses both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy abilities.

There was a study in which butterbur was used with cetirizine in the treatment of rhinitis which a seasonal allergy. Cetirizine is a tested and famous antihistamine medication. The experts working on this study said that the butterbur had the same effects as the cetirizine. This only refers to anti-inflammatory abilities. In addition to this, this study also made a conclusion that butterbur can be used for treating rhinitis when sedative effects of some drugs are to be avoided. This is because butterbur showed no signs that it will lead to drowsiness. Researches also agreed that butterbur helps with grass allergies as well.

Other studies were done, ones which included butterbur and migraine problems. Researches came to the conclusion that these extracts help with easing the pain caused by migraine and even prevent it. This is the second use of butterbur extract, while the first place still belongs to the use against allergies. However, in some parts of Europe, people use it to cure asthma and chronic cough. Some say that butterbur was used in the prevention of gastric ulcers. Most recent studies have approved the usage of butterbur in easing the problems caused by hay fewer and allergies. These studies say that it is better to use this herb instead of the anti-allergic drugs because the side effects caused by the herb are not as severe as the ones caused by drugs.

Those who want to fight allergies with this herb should know that butterbur tablets can be bought in almost every health food store and drug store.

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