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What kind of an herb is hawthorn berry?

This herb has been known for centuries for its numerous beneficialfeatures, and it is known that problems with heart, circulation and respiratorysystem have been treated with it since the Middle Ages. Hawthorne berry grows as thorny shrub orsmall tree, which produces either black or red berries, but the fact is that besidesthe berries, its leaves and flowers are used in the traditional medicine. Even thoughthere is a wide range of beneficial features and characteristics of this herb, aswell as conditions that can be treated with it, Hawthorne berry is mostly known as hearthealthy herb. It has proven to be helpful in the treatment of a number of heartrelated problems and conditions, but those who decide to give it a try shouldbe aware that it might take some time before the results are noticed, andsometimes even five weeks might pass before any improvement is detected.

What side effects are possible when using this herb?

Even though it might sound hard to believe it, this herb iswidely regarded as safe. It is not recommended to use it in combination withsome medications, particularly those that are used to treat high blood pressureand various heart conditions and ailments, because of the interaction. Besides this,it is also not recommended to use it before the doctor is consulted if theperson already uses narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxants or medications that treatseizures and psychiatric condition. Women who are expecting a baby, or thosethat breastfeed should not use this herb, although there are no studies or recordsof side effects in such cases. However, it is better to be on the safe side.

Mild side effects that might be experienced include nausea,dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, problems with sleeping and headache, but thefact is that all of these symptoms are experienced extremely rarely, which is areason why American Herbal Products Association rated this herb as Class 1regarding its safety. Severe side effects that may be caused by the use of thisherb include shortness of breath, severe exhaustion, changes of mood and heartbeat,and it is highly recommended to contact a doctor as soon as possible if any ofthem is experienced. Just like with every other herb or product, it is notexcluded that some people experience allergic reaction.

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