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Burning mouth syndrome is also called glossodynia or stomatodynia. Itmanifests itself through chronic burning pain in the mouth area. Depending onthe manifestation the pain can spread on the mouth as a whole or on separateparts like tongue, inside the cheeks or roof of the mouth. The pain is severeand, in most cases, constant.

Causes for this syndrome are often very hard or impossibleto determine. Nevertheless, the person suffering from this syndrome should askfor opinions from both doctors and dentist since the successful treatment canoften be a cooperative solution of the patient’s whole health team.

Main symptoms are the above mentioned severe and persistentmouth pain, gradually getting worse on a daily basis. Tingling numb sensationon the tip of the tongue, loss and changes of taste as well as increased thirstand dry mouth add on to the list of the most common symptoms of burning mouthsyndrome.

This syndrome can sometimes take different patterns. The painmay occur daily, getting worse every day, it can appear and go away randomlyduring the day or it can be absolutely absent some days while being incrediblypainful some other days. However, during all stages no physical changes of thetongue and the mouth take place.

Causes of this illness can be unknown or they can be aproduct of another underlying health problem. Dry mouth caused by medicationsor health problems and oral yeast infection also known as thrush can be one ofthe causes. Moreover, causes can be of psychological origin. Anxiety anddepression caused by excessive health worries can lead to burning mouth aswell. Lack of vitamin B complex in addition to Zink and Iron can lead to thissyndrome. One of other causes may be dentures since the material used in themcan irritate the mouth and gums. Also, some allergic reactions to medications,reflux of the stomach acid, hormonal imbalance along with the overbrushing ofthe tongue and excessive use of mouth washes add on to this list.

Depending on the symptoms, thereis more than one way of treatment of burning mouth syndrome. Oral thrush medicines, Alpha-lipoic acid andintake of B vitamin complex can help with physical illnesses. Antidepressants,as well as cognitive behavioral therapy might do away possible psychologicalcauses. Home remedies concerning avoidance of tobacco, acidic drinks, mint andspicy food can help significantly when treating burning mouth syndrome. In mostcases surgery is not recommended.

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