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Mouth sores are lesions which can affect our lips, gums, inner cheeks, tongue, or the roof of our mouth. When these sores appear on the roof of our mouth, we are bound to face pain and discomfort which can peak when we are eating. Therefore, this condition needs to be treated as soon as it appears. Moreover, it needs to be prevented by maintaining proper dental and oral health.

What Triggers Mouth Sores on the Roof of the Mouth?

Most commonly, smoking is the cause of this health issue. Chewing tobacco can have the same, negative effect. Nevertheless, there are cases when palatal cancer may be the main reason behind mouth sores on the roof of the mouth. Sometimes, certain deficiencies, like vitamin B12 and folate deficiency can be enough for this issue to emerge.

There are other alternatives which can lead to this health complication. For example, drinking or eating something hot can trigger ulcers affecting the root of a person’s mouth. Bacteria can cause mouth sores of this type as well. Low immunity adds on to the list of possible causes.

Additionally, in some cases, hormonal changes are known to lead to these palatal lesions.

Possible Treatments for Mouth Sores on the Roof of the Mouth

Usually, these sores come and go, affecting the roof of your mouth for about 10-12 days. However, they can pester you for up to 6 weeks. During this time, you can ease the pain by taking over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen.

Alternatively, if the sores are painful and irritating, you can provide yourself comfort through gargling with cool water. Saline solution gargling can be very helpful in these cases too. Also, for prevention, make sure you avoid eating spicy food, or any other meals which can irritate the area.

For treating canker sores, you can use Lidex gel, applying it onto the roof of your mouth. On the other hand, if fever blisters are causing your problems, you are best off with ice application over the troublesome spot and lysine tablets, along with vitamin B complex supplements.

Finally, if mouth sores prevail even after 2 weeks, leading to other symptoms like skin rashes, fever, swallowing difficulty or white patches on the roof of the mouth or the tongue, you are best to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Do the same if you have started taking new medications recently, or have been suffering from HIV or cancer.

Since stress can lead to these sores as well, you are advised to stay calm and relaxed by practicing yoga or meditating. Also, take good care, when it comes to your nutrition, avoiding hot and spicy food. Ultimately, chew gently, use soft toothbrushes and be careful with alcoholic beverage consumption and keep cigarettes out of your way.

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